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What areas do you cover for dog walking?

We cover dog walking in Wetherby, Boston Spa, Bramham, Collingham, Linton, East Keswick, Bardsey, Scarcroft, Thorner, Harewood.

Will you need a key to my property?

It depends on whether you are at home when you wish to have your dog walked. If you are at work or you are out then I will need to collect a key, usually I will be given a key when I come and do the initial visit to meet you and your dog. Your keys are always kept in a safe and secure place by me.

How do I know I can trust Dogs Go Walking?

I have been fully police checked and I’m fully insured. I will always offer you a free consultation first and can provide any references and relevant paperwork during your consultation.

Do you walk dogs in all weather conditions?

Yes! We will walk your dog in all weather conditions no matter what. The only time we would have to cancel a walk would be in very rare circumstances during extreme weather conditions.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque and bank transfers.

Will you be able to look after my dog overnight?

Yes, we offer an exclusive pet sitting service. Please see our Services and Rates Page.

Do you only take care of dogs?

No, we offer cat care and small animal care too.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a walk please try and give at least 24 hours’ notice or a late cancellation fee will be charged, please see our Services and Rates Page.

Do you supply poop bags?

Yes and I always pick up after my dogs.